Recommended Philip Larkin Poems

The January 11, 2012, discussion of the Book Club for Poets will focus on the craft of Philip Larkin. You’re welcome to use either the Collected Poems edited by Anthony Thwaite or Poems edited by Martin Amis — but I’m using the 2003 edition of the Thwaite collection, which I like because it prints the poems in the order that Larkin preferred. (The Thwaite edition was originally published in 1988, in a slightly different arrangement.) We won’t, of course, have time to discuss all of Larkin’s poems, so here’s an initial list to get us started:

“The Explosion,” 154
“Cut Grass,” 153
“This Be The Verse,” 142
“Dublinesque,” 140
“High Windows,” 129
“The Trees,” 124
“The Whitsun Weddings,” 92
“Home is so sad,” 88
“Deceptions,” 67

If you have other Larkin poems you’d really like to discuss, please just let me know. I’ll suggest others as the time for the discussion gets closer. You can also check out the Facebook page for the Book Club for Poets:

© 2011 Martha Carlson-Bradley


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