John Murillo, on becoming a poet and Up Jump the Boogie

Our discussion of John Murillo’s Up Jump the Boogie is coming up soon — October 12 at New England College. Let me know if you have favorite poems from the book that you’d especially like to discuss. And in the meantime, enjoy a wonderful radio interview Rachelle Cruz did with Murillo on the The Blood-Jet Writing Hour back in 2010.


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Articles and Interviews: Kay Ryan

Here are some articles about / interviews with Kay Ryan. The two marked with an asterisk are ones I’ve added to the list I handed out at the Book Club for Poets discussion on July 13:

Academy of American Poets. “Kay Ryan” (bio, with sample poems, including audio).

Academy of American Poets. “Poets Forum 2010 Highlight: Discussion Panels.”

Birkerts, Sven. “Clarity and Obscurity in Poetry.” Academy of American Poets.

*Fay, Sarah. “Kay Ryan, The Art of Poetry No. 94.” Paris Review (Winter 2008).

Garner, Dwight. “Stealthy Insights amid Short Phrases,” New York Times, March 4, 2010,

*Gioia, Dana. “Discovering Kay Ryan.” Dark Horse 7 (Winter 1998–99).

Halstead, Richard. “Kay Ryan Rises to the Top despite Her Refusal to Compromise.” Marin Independent Journal. September 23, 2007.

“Kay Ryan: The Best of It.” Fanzine. March 2, 2010.

Miller, Laura. “Kay Ryan,” part of the “Poetry for the Rest of Us” series,,

Poetry Foundation, “Kay Ryan” (bio, with sample poems, including audio).

Tracy, D. H. “Eight Takes: Swann, Rogers, Brock, Howard, Nelson, Logan, Ryan, Stevenson.”  Poetry Foundation.


© 2011 Martha Carlson-Bradley